03 Среща на бригадата 3.октомври.2015, Пловдив

SAM_8385 SAM_8384 SAM_8383 SAM_8370 SAM_8369 SAM_8368 SAM_8367 SAM_8366 SAM_8365 SAM_8364 SAM_8363 SAM_8362 SAM_8361 SAM_8360 SAM_8358 SAM_8357 SAM_8356 SAM_8355 SAM_8352 SAM_8351 SAM_8350 SAM_8347 SAM_8346 SAM_8345 SAM_8344 SAM_8343 SAM_8342 SAM_8341 SAM_8340 SAM_8339 SAM_8338 SAM_8337 SAM_8336 SAM_8335 SAM_8334 SAM_8333 SAM_8332 SAM_8331 SAM_8330 SAM_8329 SAM_8328 SAM_8327 SAM_8326 SAM_8325 SAM_8323 SAM_8322 SAM_8320 SAM_8319 SAM_8318 SAM_8317 SAM_8316 SAM_8315 SAM_8314 SAM_8313 SAM_8312 SAM_8311 SAM_8310 SAM_8304 SAM_8303 SAM_8302 SAM_8294 SAM_8293 SAM_8292 SAM_8291 SAM_8290 SAM_8289 SAM_8288 SAM_8287 SAM_8286 SAM_8285 SAM_8284 SAM_8283 SAM_8282 SAM_8281 SAM_8280 SAM_8279 SAM_8278 SAM_8277 SAM_8276 SAM_8274 SAM_8272 SAM_8271 SAM_8270 SAM_8269 SAM_8268 SAM_8267 SAM_8266 SAM_8265 SAM_8264 SAM_8263 SAM_8262 SAM_8261 SAM_8256 SAM_8254 SAM_8253 SAM_8252 SAM_8251 SAM_8250 SAM_8249 SAM_8248 SAM_8247 SAM_8246 SAM_8245 SAM_8244 SAM_8243 SAM_8242 SAM_8241 SAM_8240 SAM_8239 SAM_8238 SAM_8237 SAM_8236 SAM_8235 SAM_8234 SAM_8233 SAM_8232 SAM_8231 SAM_8229 SAM_8228 SAM_8227 SAM_8224

Видео: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLo3b4R_lZDsjrMKIk2hOwBcCe3buuF5t3

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