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Архивите са живи: СКРЪБНА ВЕСТ

Когато почина Аркадий Стругацки, аз още не бях прочел всичките произведения на братята и наивно очаквах, че Борис ще продължи да пише за света на Пладнето. Наистина той продължи, но на други теми. Все пак трябва да съм осъзнал размера на загубата, защото по си направих труда да напиша (на ChiWriter!) долния некролог. Разпечатах го – с матричен принтер, на лист от тънка жълтеникава хартия, на който вече е било печатано от едната страна – и го залепих във фоайето на новата сграда на Физическия факултет. Още докато го окачах, се приближи един от асистентите и се зачете.
Аркадий умира на 12.10.1991, трябвали са три дни докато вестта достигне до България, или поне до мен. Предпочетох да оставя първоначалния вариант, включително и правописните грешки.

* * *


На 15.X.1991 г. почина обичаният писател-фантаст

| А Р К А Д И Й Н А Т А Н О В И Ч С Т Р У Г А Ц К И |

“Играеха зверчета край оградата,
в тях страляха и те умираха.”

“Той беше от хората, които винаги избираха най-доброто
решение…” Отиде си, но останаха книгите му.

От опечалените: Горбовски, Мак Сим,
Йохан-Мария Бадер, Тойво Глумов,
Гай Гаал, Сикорски (Странника),
Лев Абалкин, Саша Логовенко и др.

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Архивите са живи: asking Frederick Pohl about The Gold at the Starbow’s End

From xxxxxxxxx Mon May 13 16:27:37 2002 +0200
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 16:27:35 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Valentin Ivanov xxxxxxxxx
To: xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: question for Frederik Pohl

Dear Sir,

I noticed that you hold the copy rights for The Siege of Eternity,
and you could probably help me.

I am a profesional astronomer, working for the European Southern
Observatory, who happened to read Science Fiction. I came across
an interesting story, written by Frederik Pohl, called The Gold at
the Starbow’s End. There, he speculates that every galaxy hosts
a black hole in its center. The story was written in 1972, and
this has become a real possibility in the light of most recent
observations obtained over the last few years. I would like to
find out how he came up with this idea, and if it was suggested
to him by somebody, who was he/she.

Thank you very much,
Valentin D. Ivanov, Ph.D.

* * * * *

Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 09:27:01 -0500
From: xxxxxxx

I’m afraid that I have nothing to do with the copyright’s to any of Mr.
Pohl’s works.


* * * * *

From: Valentin D. Ivanov
Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2002 7:39 PM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Mr. F. Pohl

Dear Sir,

I have noticed that you and Frederik Pohl are members
of the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award.

I have been trying to find a way to contact Mr. Pohl
because I would like to ask him a question about a
story he wrote in the early 70s – “The Gold at the
Starbow’s End”. One of the characters in the story
says that all galaxies have black holes. Although this
is not strictly true, the last few years have seen
significant evidence that almost any massive galaxy
does have a black hole in its center.

I am a professional astronomer, working on black holes
myself, and it would be very interesting to know how
Mr. Pohl came up with the idea.

Could you please either convey my question to Mr. Pohl,
or give me his contact address?

Thank you in advance,
Valentin D. Ivanov, Ph.D.

* * * * *

On Thu, 13 Jun 2002, xxxxx wrote:

I have forwarded your message to Mr. Pohl’s wife (Fred himself doesn’t have
e-mail–he says he has too many contacts as it is).


* * * * *

xxxxxx passed on your message querying about getting in touch with
… Frederik Pohl. Fred refuses to do email, but if you give us a
mail address he will write to you.

* * * * *

Eventually, Mr. Pohl did answer me in a great snail mail.
Unfortunately, he did not remember where the point about
the supermassive black holes came from. There were a few
papers in the late 1960s – early 1970s claiming that
supermassive black holes may power quasars, but at the
time it was not known that supermassive black holes
reside at the center of all (maсsive enough) galaxies.

* * * * *

Dear Mr. Pohl,

I was delighted to receive your letter, answering my question about the black holes mentioned in your story. It was very nice of you to make the effort. It is pity you can not remember the source for the information. The astronomical circles at the time generally accepted the idea that the quasars are powered by black holes but it was not established until about ten years ago that the quasars reside in galaxies and it took another five years or so to demonstrate that every galaxy that is massive enough also contains (a dormant) black hole.

As for your trip to Chile – unfortunately, I was away at the time. In fact my constant movements are the excuse for writing back so late. I apologize for that.

However, now I have a pressing reason to write you. Will you be interested in attending the next Eurocon which will be held in Bulgaria from Aug 1 to Aug 4, 2004?

I mentioned about your letter to a friend of mine who is on the local organizing committee and the immediate reaction was “will he come if we invite him”. Let’s consider this an unofficial request. If you are interested to become the official guest of the con, it would be best to talk directly to the organizers, perhaps via your agent. I know you have visited Bulgaria, and you might have already met some of the people preparing the event.

I am expecting your answer for the Eurocon. The preparations are now in full sing and it would be nice to let the organizing committee to know early.

Best regards and thanks again for your time,


Feb 26, 2004
European Southern Observatory

* * * * *

Mr. Pohl answered the question about the Eurocon in Bulgaria
as well. Alas, it would have taken two tickets – to bring him
and his wife. This was beyond the means of the organizers but
they managed to bring in Robert Sheckley, who was in Europe
at the time.

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RIP: George Coyne, 87, Vatican Astronomer and Galileo Defender, Dies

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Паметник на Агоп Мелконян в Двора на кирилицата, Плиска

Преди няколко дни в Двора на кирилицата, г. Плиска, бяха открити паметници на още четирима български будители, сред които и на писателя-фантаст Агоп Мелконян.
Повече за събититето (вкл. снимки) може да видите тук:

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Скръбна вест: Милан Асадуров (1949-2019)

Починал е Милан Асадуров, създателят на библиотека „Галактика“:–Napusna-ni-golyam-pisatel-i-prevodach–sazdatelyat-na-Biblioteka-Galaktika__318606

Сигурно повечето фенове са попадали по един или друг начин на тази поредица – тя беше забележително постижение, с чудесна подборка от заглавия, с красиви корици:

Вечна му памет!

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Резултати от осмия литературен конкурс “Агоп Мелконян-2019”

„Шин“ от Иванка Миткова Сергилова – специална награда на името на Агоп Мелконян, изборът на сем. Мелконян и приятели

Награди на журито:
1. „Голиат“ от Владислав Димов Атанасов
2. „Девет“ от Красимира Тодорова Стоева
3. „Ани“ от Адела Анджело Миролевска

Пълните резултати може да видите на:

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In memoriam: Тодор Ялъмов – Федята

На 12.09.2018 година почина Тодор Ялъмов-Федята. Фен, фотограф, приятел и светъл човек:

Прощаването с него ще е в неделя, от 12 ч. в Ритуалната зала на Централни гробища.

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