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Професионален астроном и любител фантаст. Женен, с три деца.

3 responses to “00 About

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  2. Milda Jensen

    Hello again (my first comment has vanished, maybe you see it)
    I found the answer to my question upon reading your thoughts about science fiction closely. “I warn the readers of this review that I will reveal its ending because it is unlikely this story will ever see English translation”.
    Too bad, because it sounds so exciting from the summary.
    Best wishes and lots of luck. It is a great idea to promote Bulgarian literature – it is going one way too much (works are getting translated from English, but not the other way).

  3. Thanks for the interest and the support!
    Generally, I do include in my reviews of the “untranslatable/unpublishable” works some spoilers. I realize this is probably not the best thing for the readers, but hopefully some day an editor of a SF&F magazine woudl say my reviews and say: can you send me something more from that writers. 🙂
    I guess we are all entitled to our dreams… 🙂

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