02 Среща на бригадата 4.октомври.2014, Пловдив

SAM_4637 SAM_4650 SAM_4652 SAM_4653 SAM_4654 SAM_4655 SAM_4656 SAM_4657 SAM_4658 SAM_4659 SAM_4660 SAM_4661 SAM_4662 SAM_4663 SAM_4664 SAM_4665 SAM_4666 SAM_4667 SAM_4668 SAM_4669 SAM_4670 SAM_4671 SAM_4672 SAM_4673 SAM_4674 SAM_4675 SAM_4676 SAM_4680 SAM_4681 SAM_4682 SAM_4683 SAM_4684 SAM_4686 SAM_4690 SAM_4691 SAM_4693 SAM_4694 SAM_4701 SAM_4702

Видео: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpoL_uAeMeweIYfXuv8YfAA

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