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„The most important thing is back on Earth“: Aurora – a novel by Kim Stanley Robinson, reviewed by Valentin Ivanov

Probably, the most widely known book, or rather books of Kim Stanley Robinson’s are the three novels from his Martian series (“Red Mars“, 1991; “Green Mars“, 1993; “Blue Mars“, 1996).
Their titles color-code the different stages of the Martian terraforming process.
Deeply optimistic in nature, these books tell an uplifting story of human endeavor and accomplishment.
He also gave to his readers a number of other bright works with a positive (not to be confused with the positivist philosophy!) outlook at the future.
The novel “2312” that appeared in 2012 is one of these (I wrote about it here: http://scifiportal.eu/2312-by-kim-stanley-robinson-a-review-by-valentin-d-ivanov-bulgaria/).
I was expecting a similar treatment in “Aurora” (2015), but I was surprised and a bit disappointed.

The complete review is available here:

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